Once Upon A Dork by Rachel Renee Russell

Once Upon A Dork – Reviewed by Katelyn Age 10

Once upon A DorkNikki Maxwell is just an ordinary teenager that goes to school, with 2bffs, 1crush and an ever after enemy.

After Nikki gets knocked out by a dodgeball she wakes up in the middle of a fairytale dreamland, she finds out what life being a princess is really like (hilarious, tireing and disastrous),

will this dork ever find her way back home?
I recomend this book for girls age 8-10 and i would rate it a 8/10.

Mr. Stink by David Walliams

Mr. Stink – Reviewed by Emer Age 9

Mr. StinkMr. stink is a nice guy living on the streets. Now Mr. stink might be the cleanest good smelling man or his dog in fact they  were total posit Mr. stink stank he stunk stinked his words.

One day a girl came to Mr. stink and said hello my name is Chloe how are you little girl and what are u doing out here alone said Mr. stink in surprised voice. I am fine im not aloud to talk to u but I don’t  really care. So Chloe brought  Mr. stink to her back garden shed and made a little house for him. you see her mammy said to Chloe that she wasn’t allowed to speak to such creatures.

And that’s  when all the fun starts. And I would score it 100/100 and a A+



This book is now available from Midland Books Tullamore

Young Skins by Colin Barrett

Young Skins – Reviewed by SD

Young Skins by Colin BarrettSet in the small fictional town Glanbeigh, Co. Mayo, in ‘Young Skins’ the reader will meet characters such as Val; a bouncer at a nightclub, Bat; a greasy biker, Eli and Doran; two ex-band members and two marijuana sellers. The book has won numerous awards, including the 2014 Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award and the 2014 Rooney Prize for Irish Literature. ‘Young Skins’ is the first collection of short stories by Colin Barrett. It is published by ‘The Stinging Fly’ who encourages new Irish writers and promotes short stories.

The book consists of 7 short stories- ‘The Clancy Kid’ which is about two friends on their way and not much happens in this one but it is a good introductory story and the reader can get a taste for Barrett’s style of writing. ‘Bait’ is about two friends; Matteen and Teddy. Matteen is the best pool player in town but he is caught up with a girl. This story has a great unexpected twist in the end. ‘The Moon’ is about a bouncer who is dating a young girl, there isn’t much to the man’s life. It consists of routine. ‘Stand Your Skin’ is about an anti-social, greasy man and his interaction with a young teenage girl and a college student. ‘Calm With Horses’ is about two drug sellers. One is sort of the “bodyguard”, being the best boxer in the town but their business takes a turn for the worst. ‘Diamonds’ is about a man in AA and this story makes reference to the title of the book. Then, ‘Kindly Forget My Existence’ is about two ex-band members who sit in a bar, debating whether to attend Marianne’s funeral; the girl they both loved.

My favorite story in the book was ‘Calm With Horses’. It is action-packed and very well put together. It is the longest story in the book but it is well worth it. I really liked all the characters in this story. One being a great father and a kind “old dear” regardless of the deathly situation she is in. The ending of this story is great; I also really enjoyed ‘Kindly Forget My Existence’ as I loved the characters and their interaction with the bar-man. It was also somehow humorous.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Young Skins’. It’s the first Irish book I’ve read and the writer was great, he was very descriptive and visual. I found the stories quite dark as some related to addiction and death but it wasn’t at all dull, regardless. I would recommend the book to anyone as I think anyone would enjoy it. It is very entertaining from start to finish. Irish people will love the Irish areas and the Irish accents.



Just Peachy by Jean Ure

Just Peachy reviewed by Katelyn, Age 10

Just Peachy by Jean UrePeaches McBride is a very quiet 11 year old who has 2 older siblings and 2 younger siblings. With a mum that’s really proud of her elder childrens success and a dad who is always winning awards as a DJ, no one ever notices Peaches except for her Gran that is.

When its time for Peaches to go to Summerfield school along with with her older siblings, Peaches fears she will be compared to them and decides to make a stand and be heard.

Peaches starts a small school called Sacred heart and this is the first step of many she takes to be noticed and her confidence starts to grow……

Happy World Book Night

World Book nightNot content with a World Book Day, World Book Night is now in it’s 5th year and takes place on the 23rd of April. While the day version is primarily aimed at children and teenagers, World Book Night is targeted at adults who don’t currently read for pleasure.

At the moment, it takes place only in the UK and sees special editions of 20 books from well known authors including Roddy Doyle, Lynda La Plante, Rachel Joyce & even Karl Pilkington being released and distributed by enthusiastic volunteers within their community.

The organisers expect 250,000 books to be distributed. As well as this, they are asking people to go out and buy a book and give it to someone in their community.

David Almond, the author of Skelling said of the event

“What a wonderful way to celebrate one of humankind’s greatest creations.                                                                               What a truly creative way to encourage people to read one book, then                                                                                        another, then another, to encourage people to become life long readers.”

Hopefully we will get to see this amazing and worthwhile event take off on this side of the Irish sea at some stage.