Middle School Worst Years Of My Life by James Patterson

Worst Years Of My Life reviewed by Emer Quigley

Middle School Worst Years Of My LifeRafe Khatchadorian starts operation R.A.F.E at the start of the school year. He falls in love with Jenna Galletta. His behaviour is unbelievable. This story gets better and better throughout the book.

It is one laugh after another, like when Rafe was trying to defeat the Dragon lady, bear and trying to stand up to his bully miller the killer. It is great craic. His best friend is always there for him.

I love this book I think this is very suitable for any age kid, teenager and adult I would give this book a 9/10 an A+.

The Arthur Quinn Series by Alan Early

The Arthur Quinn Series reviewed by Jack Massey

Arthur QuinnThe Arthur Quinn series by Alan Early.  These books are about a boy called Arthur who moves to Dublin from Kerry, because his dad gets a job at the new metro. He has to leave everything he knows and go to a new school, new house and make new friends. Through the whole series he makes four real friends: Ash, Max, Ellie and Ex. It is called “The Father of Lies Chronicles” series because the Norse God Loki is known as the father of lies, and he is the villain in it.

There are three books in the series: “Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent,” “Arthur Quinn and the Fenris Wolf,” and “Arthur Quinn and Hells Keeper.”

It’s one of my favourite Series, once you start reading the first book you won’t want to put it down…. until you have read all three!

I would recommend these books from age 9 upwards! It is like an Irish Harry Potter story, I love how they all have such smart and different plots and I give it ten out of ten.

It is really good to read a story set in Ireland, Alan Early is a fantastic Irish Author.

Ratburger by David Walliams

Ratburger – Reviewed by Emer Age 9

David Walliams RatburgerZoe lives in an apartment, she’s on the thirty seventh floor. Her hamster ginger just died and her dad just lost his job. Zoe was up that night looking at Gingernuts cage.

Then she noticed a baby rat at the corner of her bedroom. She brought the rat into school the next day every thing was going perfectly until the rat climbed out of her pocket and onto her head and she got expelled.

I really enjoyed this book, it was funny and gross at the same time. You never know what’s around the corner,

I think this book would be enjoyed by everybody over 5yrs and I would score it 9 out of 10.

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The Children Act by Ian McEwan

The Children Act – Reviewed by SD
The Children Act Ian McEwan‘The Children Act’ is written by an English writer; Ian McEwan. I decided to read the book because, although it doesn’t say much about the plot in the blurb, I figured it would be insightful and different than the usual books I read.

The book is about an older woman; Fiona Maye, who is a High-Court Judge who specializes in Family Law. It begins when her husband tells her he is interested in another woman.

But the main plot of ‘The Children Act’ is that a young seventeen-year-old boy; Adam, who is suffering from leukaemia is refusing a blood transplant as he is a Jehovah’s Witness, as are his parents. Fiona must make the ultimate decision as the Judge for this case. Fiona forms a connection with the boy as it is a distraction to her life and that she could never have children.

To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy the book myself. I think the story is insightful and interesting but maybe for an older audience than me. Perhaps some might relate to Fiona and enjoy the writer’s style better than I did. Although I do think character-wise, the book was good and it gives a different perspective into Jehovah’s Witnesses’ religion but I did struggle to read ‘The Children Act’.


It took a while to get into the story, in my opinion and the plot was a little basic for me. In general, I enjoy adventurous, action-packed books. This book wasn’t for me but that doesn’t mean others won’t like it. Ian McEwan is clearly an intelligent, descriptive writer and he put the book together well.