The Best Revision Books

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With the return to school and study in full swing, many exam year students will be soon thinking of starting revision for their upcoming exams, that’s if they haven’t started already. Exam year students undoubtedly have a very busy year ahead of them. Exam season is the busiest part of the year and many students […]

Famous TikTok Books

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It seems as though book lovers have just about made their way into every crevice of the internet. It started with blogs. When blogs were the preferred choice of social platform, everyone and their mum had a blog about books. Eventually those became ‘irrelevant’ and book enthusiasts from all over the globe made their way […]

Our Favourite Picture Books

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Here at Midland Books, we love every type of book. However, there will always be a special place in our collection for picture books. Picture books are one of the most enjoyable parts of childhood. Reading a story before bedtime or equally, reading your child a story before bedtime is such an important activity. Sometimes, […]

Must Read Biographies

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We have met just about every type of bookworm here at Midland Books. We have seen the classics fanatic, the new release lover, the sports enthusiast and of course, the non-fiction aficionado. So, we know that fiction books are just not appealing to some readers. They prefer their books firmly planted in reality. Instead of […]

Back to School Stationery Guide

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The back to school shopping season can be overwhelming. What with trying to juggle getting the kids ready for the upcoming school and keeping them occupied while they have their holidays, it can be a lot to try and manage. Here at Midland Books, we understand that it’s a stressful time and we want to […]

Exciting New Irish Book Releases

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2020, the year of Coronavirus. 2021, the year of Irish books? While Ireland is undoubtedly well known for producing it’s fair share of exceptional authors, and it has had this reputation for some time, there is something about 2021. This year we have been blessed with a number of excellent Irish books from Irish authors, […]

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