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Study Tips Every Exam Student Needs to Know

Are you an exam student that needs help with studying? Well, you’re in the right place! Here at Midland Books, we have put together a list of all our top study tips for surviving exam season. Have a look at these study tips to help with revision;

1. Create a clear and organised study or revision timetable

Start thinking about what you are going to revise and when you are going to start revising. What topics do you want to cover each week? How many hours a week do you plan on studying for? Which days are going to be designated for study? Ask yourself these questions and you will begin to see a study plan take shape.

2. Clean your study space

The importance of a clean and organised study space cannot be overstated. Chances are you have been doing homework and assignments in the same space for a number of months. Well, it’s time to have a spring clean. Remove all distractions from your study space. Any clutter or rubbish needs to go. A tidy desk equals a tidy mind. 

3. Organise previous revision notes

You might be ahead of the game with some revision notes that you have kept from previous exams. Well, you might not have even glanced at those notes since you last used them, so get organising. Organise your notes in a clear and tidy way that makes sense to you when the time comes to study them again.

4. Include visuals in your notes

When you’re sitting in the exam hall and putting together your answers, a visual might be a helpful way to recall what you have revised. Try and break up some of your notes and take a break from all the text by including some diagrams. Why not try adding some colour into your notes as well!

5. Use past exam papers and marking schemes when revising

Past exam papers and marking schemes are key when you are revising.  By looking at past papers, you can get a sense of the style questions that might be asked in the future. Answering past exam questions is also a great way to study the course material! 

6. Review previous exams or class test

What better way to decide what needs to be revised than looking at your previous tests. Look at where you went right and where you lost a few marks. This will guide you to what needs to be revised the most. 

7. Get your study shopping done early

You have enough on your mind when it comes to exam time without adding last minute shopping trips into the mix. Make a list of everything you will need to sit the exams and make sure you are stocked to save yourself the stress when it gets nearer to the exam.

8. Include regular breaks in your study sessions

While you might be thinking that you will be studying 24/7 between now and the exam, this is simply not a good idea. Make sure you leave yourself some time to rest, relax and recover before the exam. It is inevitable that with exams comes a certain amount of stress but try to take it easy on yourself and be proud of what you have accomplished! 

Best of luck to all students sitting exams this year, hopefully you found these study tips useful. If you would like to learn more about our products or have a look through our resources, check out our weekly blog posts. You can even call in store to get everything you need for study sessions and exam time. 

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