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The Best Revision Books

With the return to school and study in full swing, many exam year students will be soon thinking of starting revision for their upcoming exams, that’s if they haven’t started already. Exam year students undoubtedly have a very busy year ahead of them. Exam season is the busiest part of the year and many students will want to begin their preparations as soon as they can to make sure they are ready for anything this exam season might bring. Facing into those exams, or any end of year exams for that matter, can be a daunting thought, and here at Midland Books, we want to help out in any way that we can to help you begin your prep for exams. 

At Midland Books, we stock a wide range of revision books to help you with some of the trickier subjects or to further your skills in a subject you have confidence in. Revision books are a great extra learning resource to have in your study routine. They are more concise than your standard textbook. They also contain a specific set of notes and diagrams that are perfect for revising, saving you the time of having to write out the notes yourself. Here are some of the top rated revision books available at Midland Books;

Essentials Unfolded

Tackling the Leaving Cert and Junior Cycle courses subject by subject, Essentials Unfolded is your best friend for last minute study sessions. They are a pocket sized revision guide for those of you looking for a concise set of notes to make studying that bit easier. These notes make a great addition to any notes that you might already have or as a revision tool closer to exam time.

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Less Stress More Success

We also have a selection of Less Stress More Success books for both Leaving Cert and Junior Cycle students. These books are designed to optimise your exam results with a concise set of organised notes and diagrams that cover everything you need to revise in a given subject. They also contain revision and exam tips to help you with the overall exam and pointers on the individual topics. 

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Revise Wise

Another great option for revision books is the range of Revise Wise books. This set of revision books for Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert students contains an organised set of notes. These books also contain tips for exam prepping and how to tackle the exam. They also contain sample questions with sample answers. 

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