Psychology With A Sparkle

by Unknown Author


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In her light-hearted, accessible style, Dr. Denise O’Dwyer, Chartered Principal Psychologist from Ireland, offers a contemporary summary of thoughts, ideas, insights, research and reflections – many of which regularly present for people, both in and outside of formal therapy. Psychology with a Sparkle is a journey of professional insights, personal stories, scientific research, and tips and strategies for dealing with the seemingly fixed and immovable, to sparkling fluidity. The author explains how people can successfully overcome maladaptive thinking and behavior patterns, silence their inner critic, improve relationships, overcome imposter syndrome, and strive toward becoming their personal best – physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and sartorially.

Learn How To:

• overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs

• take an honest appraisal of strengths and areas for development

• establish personal values, goals, standards and daily non-negotiables

• improve relationships and sexual intimacy • explore adult attachment styles

• lead from the heart as well as the intellect

• dress to express

• celebrate and share unique gifts and talents The author highlights how each individual’s definition of success is different, and how it is up to each person to define and establish what success means, in shaping their lives and lifestyles. “Someone who is healthy has a million dreams. Someone who is not, has one.”