Irish Sentence Builders – LISTENING – Student Book

by Unknown Author


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This Irish Listening Booklet matches to the minutest details the content of the 19 units included in the best-selling workbook for beginner-to-pre-intermediate learners “Irish sentence builders”, by the same authors.

For best results, the two books should be used together.

This book fully implements Dr Conti’s popular approach to listening-skills instruction, L.A.M. (aka Listening-As-Modelling), laid out in his seminal work: “Breaking the Sound Barrier: Teaching Learners how to Listen” (Conti and Smith, 2019).
L.A.M. is based on the concept that listening instruction should train students in the mastery of the key micro-listening skills identified by cognitive psychologists.

Each unit contains around 13 listening tasks, which provide continuous and extensive recycling of the target constructions and vocabulary items and address the development of the key listening micro-skills.

The tasks include engaging and tested Conti classics such as: “Spot the intruder”, “Missing details”, “Faulty transcript”, “Break the flow”, “Faulty translation”, “Gapped translation” and “Listening slalom”, alongside more traditional listening comprehension tasks.