Essential Science Pack – 2nd Edition

by Unknown Author


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3x Book Set – Textbook, Assessment Skills Book (Workbook) & Student Laboratory Notebook

Essential Science, 2nd Edition’s author team has carefully analysed how Junior Cycle Science has been taught and examined since its implementation and has written this latest edition to be fully in line with examination requirements.

Supports all aspects of SEC assessment (final examination paper and Science in Society assessment task)
Complete planning support in our Teacher’s Guide
Comprehensive laboratory experiments and Extended Experimental Investigations with accompanying videos
Written by an expert author team
Unrivalled coverage of the final exam
No other JC Science programme brings you the depth of coverage of the final exam like Essential Science does. It features questions from the SEC sample paper (including model answers) and 2019 exam paper.

The Assessment Skills Book contains a range of questions similar to those on the SEC examination papers. Chapter 2 on Drawing and Interpreting Graphs helps students to develop skills in these areas, as required in the SEC Examination paper.

In-depth support and new chapters
The second edition of Essential Science contains new chapters dedicated to the Science in Society Assessment Task and the Extended Experimental Investigation.

Chapter 40 of the textbook covers the Science in Society Assessment Task and gives students all the guidance they need to successfully complete the SEC Assessment Task booklet (a blank template is included in the Assessment Skills Book).

Chapter 41 of the textbook covers all the requirements of the Extended Experimental Investigations and provides students with clear guidance on all aspects of carrying out these types of investigations (a template is included in the Student Laboratory Notebook).

Experiment practice | Self-assessment
Wide range of experiments and investigations

Comprehensive range of experiments, including a host of new ones
Supporting experiment videos are perfect for the preparation, study and demonstration of experiments, particularly for remote teaching and learning
Student Laboratory Notebook – full instructions for carrying out all the required experiments (blank templates included)
Student self-assessment

Rich, varied questions in the Textbook and Assessment Skills Book provide extensive practice of every learning outcome in the specification
Self-assessment sections at the end of each chapter