Middle School Worst Years Of My Life by James Patterson

Worst Years Of My Life reviewed by Emer Quigley

Middle School Worst Years Of My LifeRafe Khatchadorian starts operation R.A.F.E at the start of the school year. He falls in love with Jenna Galletta. His behaviour is unbelievable. This story gets better and better throughout the book.

It is one laugh after another, like when Rafe was trying to defeat the Dragon lady, bear and trying to stand up to his bully miller the killer. It is great craic. His best friend is always there for him.

I love this book I think this is very suitable for any age kid, teenager and adult I would give this book a 9/10 an A+.

The Arthur Quinn Series by Alan Early

The Arthur Quinn Series reviewed by Jack Massey

Arthur QuinnThe Arthur Quinn series by Alan Early.  These books are about a boy called Arthur who moves to Dublin from Kerry, because his dad gets a job at the new metro. He has to leave everything he knows and go to a new school, new house and make new friends. Through the whole series he makes four real friends: Ash, Max, Ellie and Ex. It is called “The Father of Lies Chronicles” series because the Norse God Loki is known as the father of lies, and he is the villain in it.

There are three books in the series: “Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent,” “Arthur Quinn and the Fenris Wolf,” and “Arthur Quinn and Hells Keeper.”

It’s one of my favourite Series, once you start reading the first book you won’t want to put it down…. until you have read all three!

I would recommend these books from age 9 upwards! It is like an Irish Harry Potter story, I love how they all have such smart and different plots and I give it ten out of ten.

It is really good to read a story set in Ireland, Alan Early is a fantastic Irish Author.

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Happy World Book Night

World Book nightNot content with a World Book Day, World Book Night is now in it’s 5th year and takes place on the 23rd of April. While the day version is primarily aimed at children and teenagers, World Book Night is targeted at adults who don’t currently read for pleasure.

At the moment, it takes place only in the UK and sees special editions of 20 books from well known authors including Roddy Doyle, Lynda La Plante, Rachel Joyce & even Karl Pilkington being released and distributed by enthusiastic volunteers within their community.

The organisers expect 250,000 books to be distributed. As well as this, they are asking people to go out and buy a book and give it to someone in their community.

David Almond, the author of Skelling said of the event

“What a wonderful way to celebrate one of humankind’s greatest creations.                                                                               What a truly creative way to encourage people to read one book, then                                                                                        another, then another, to encourage people to become life long readers.”

Hopefully we will get to see this amazing and worthwhile event take off on this side of the Irish sea at some stage.



Wonder by RJ Palacio

Wonder – Reviewed by Jack, Age 11

Wonder 2

Wonder by RJ Palacio is about a boy named August Pullman, who was born with a facial abnormality. Auggie had always been home-schooled, but his parents decide to send him to a real school to prepare for the real world. At first, he is terrified but when he starts he makes a few friends, and a few enemies…

At first, he sees some children staring at him when they think he isn’t looking, pointing and whispering to their friends, Auggie was used to it, but he wants to convince them that he’s a normal boy, not the boy with the weird face that everyone’s scared of, but the boy he is on the inside, the normal ten year old who plays xbox and eats ice cream like everyone else his age.

It’s one of my favourite books and I recommend it for children and adults.


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