The Arthur Quinn Series by Alan Early

The Arthur Quinn Series reviewed by Jack Massey

Arthur QuinnThe Arthur Quinn series by Alan Early.  These books are about a boy called Arthur who moves to Dublin from Kerry, because his dad gets a job at the new metro. He has to leave everything he knows and go to a new school, new house and make new friends. Through the whole series he makes four real friends: Ash, Max, Ellie and Ex. It is called “The Father of Lies Chronicles” series because the Norse God Loki is known as the father of lies, and he is the villain in it.

There are three books in the series: “Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent,” “Arthur Quinn and the Fenris Wolf,” and “Arthur Quinn and Hells Keeper.”

It’s one of my favourite Series, once you start reading the first book you won’t want to put it down…. until you have read all three!

I would recommend these books from age 9 upwards! It is like an Irish Harry Potter story, I love how they all have such smart and different plots and I give it ten out of ten.

It is really good to read a story set in Ireland, Alan Early is a fantastic Irish Author.