Why buy your school books from Midland Books?

It really doesn’t be long coming around but just as the kids are getting ready for their summer holidays we begin getting ready for back to school.

As always Midland Books is well prepared to help you get everything ready for September. Below is a host of reasons to shop with us.

  • Savings Club: You can pay off what you want when you want. Bring in the list to us as soon as you get it and we will get it ready for you, leave it aside, text you with the price and you can pay off a little every week and collect them whenever you want.
  • Second Hand Books: We sell second hand books at half the price of the new books. You can also leave in your unwanted school books and when they sell, we will give you back 30% in cash.
  • School Bags: We stock a huge range of school bags from brands such as Ridge 53 & Freelander including wheelie bags. These are suitable for both primary and secondary and range in price from €16 to €50. These bags are built to last.
  • Stationery: We have years of experience in handling school lists. We know everything that can be put on a list from all the different copies to the different types of colouring pencils, handwriting pens, folders and even playing cards. If you’re not sure what it is, the chance is we have a very good idea. We stock them all and at competitive prices. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Get 10% off on our website. We have been selling online nationwide for several years now. Check out our website at www.schoolbooksdirect.ie. All school books, stationery & school bags are available there with a 10% discount. You can order and pay for them online and if you type ‘tullamore’ into the coupon code at the checkout it will take off the price of postage and you can collect them in store. We will email or text you as soon as they are ready so you know we will have everything in stock and waiting for you.
  • School Uniforms. Daru School Uniforms has just opened right next door to us on High Street. So it will now be known as the back to school district.