The Children Act by Ian McEwan

The Children Act – Reviewed by SD
The Children Act Ian McEwan‘The Children Act’ is written by an English writer; Ian McEwan. I decided to read the book because, although it doesn’t say much about the plot in the blurb, I figured it would be insightful and different than the usual books I read.

The book is about an older woman; Fiona Maye, who is a High-Court Judge who specializes in Family Law. It begins when her husband tells her he is interested in another woman.

But the main plot of ‘The Children Act’ is that a young seventeen-year-old boy; Adam, who is suffering from leukaemia is refusing a blood transplant as he is a Jehovah’s Witness, as are his parents. Fiona must make the ultimate decision as the Judge for this case. Fiona forms a connection with the boy as it is a distraction to her life and that she could never have children.

To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy the book myself. I think the story is insightful and interesting but maybe for an older audience than me. Perhaps some might relate to Fiona and enjoy the writer’s style better than I did. Although I do think character-wise, the book was good and it gives a different perspective into Jehovah’s Witnesses’ religion but I did struggle to read ‘The Children Act’.


It took a while to get into the story, in my opinion and the plot was a little basic for me. In general, I enjoy adventurous, action-packed books. This book wasn’t for me but that doesn’t mean others won’t like it. Ian McEwan is clearly an intelligent, descriptive writer and he put the book together well.