Mr. Stink by David Walliams

Mr. Stink – Reviewed by Emer Age 9

Mr. StinkMr. stink is a nice guy living on the streets. Now Mr. stink might be the cleanest good smelling man or his dog in fact they  were total posit Mr. stink stank he stunk stinked his words.

One day a girl came to Mr. stink and said hello my name is Chloe how are you little girl and what are u doing out here alone said Mr. stink in surprised voice. I am fine im not aloud to talk to u but I don’t  really care. So Chloe brought  Mr. stink to her back garden shed and made a little house for him. you see her mammy said to Chloe that she wasn’t allowed to speak to such creatures.

And that’s  when all the fun starts. And I would score it 100/100 and a A+



This book is now available from Midland Books Tullamore