Happy World Book Night

World Book nightNot content with a World Book Day, World Book Night is now in it’s 5th year and takes place on the 23rd of April. While the day version is primarily aimed at children and teenagers, World Book Night is targeted at adults who don’t currently read for pleasure.

At the moment, it takes place only in the UK and sees special editions of 20 books from well known authors including Roddy Doyle, Lynda La Plante, Rachel Joyce & even Karl Pilkington being released and distributed by enthusiastic volunteers within their community.

The organisers expect 250,000 books to be distributed. As well as this, they are asking people to go out and buy a book and give it to someone in their community.

David Almond, the author of Skelling said of the event

“What a wonderful way to celebrate one of humankind’s greatest creations.                                                                               What a truly creative way to encourage people to read one book, then                                                                                        another, then another, to encourage people to become life long readers.”

Hopefully we will get to see this amazing and worthwhile event take off on this side of the Irish sea at some stage.