Awful Auntie by David Walliams

Awful Auntie – Reviewed by Emer

Awful Auntie 3A girl called Stella was in a really bad car crash. Stella survived the car crash but sadly her parents did not survive. Stella’s AWFUL AUNTIE ALBERTA and her GREAT BIG BAVARIAN OWL WAGNER wants to make Stella sign the deeds over to them.

You see STELLA was not a normal girl. She was very wealthy and had a mansion to herself since her parents passed away. ALBERTA wanted all this money and the mansion so ALBERTA covered her niece in a cast while STELLA was in a coma.

Stella got out of the cast the night after she woke up but just when Stella was half way though the garden form trying to escape her AWFUL AUNTIE ALBERTA caught her and locked her down in the coal seller.

Hi Soot the Ghost I am Stella nice to meet you can you get me out of this seller. Sure can do m lady replied Soot. So Soot helped Stella all the way start to end. I would score this book 100/100 A++